If you live in a big city, there is no way you did not take a taxi cab ride in your life
    This days with services like Uber and Lyft available the taxi cabs are not used like they used to.
    As I was trying to find my way in life with the help of my friend I started driving taxi at night while trying to put some money aside to buy my first house.
    You won’t believe the stories you hear from the people you drive around.
    Some people are lone wolves and the whole ride, they would not talk to you, but some can’t keep their mouth shout even if they see you are not engaging back.
    The worst are the cops. They go through so much in a week that they can’t wait to get in a car with a stranger and tell them things that they would not tell to their wife or kids. You are like a trash can to them. They dump all their horror story on your like they think they will feel better and the memories will go away, but that never happens.
    Most of them go through stabbings, shootings, accidents, poisoning and other tragic events and they are the ones who need to let the family know what happened with their loved one.
    There not just sad stories they are willing to share with me, there are also funny ones. Chasing naked guys jumping on windows, trying to put girl clothes on while running, or having circle time with the kids in the neighborhood they patrol.
    Hey, I appreciate all of them and respect what you’re doing and if listening to you while I’m driving you home helps, I’ll do it every day.
    Thank you for your service.